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The Christmas “One”Quilt

A collaborative quilt made by The All Star Quilters’ Guild 2019-2021.

This special quilt was the brainchild of Ellen Cannon and Pat D’Elia. We were discussing a potential Ways and Means project and since the previous “One”quilt had been such a success, we thought another in a Christmas theme would be popular and bring in a nice sum at a raffle. Pat found a pattern and a fat quarter bundle and the project started taking shape. Many people made this quilt possible and below you will see just how many hands took part. It turned out extremely well and we are both quite proud of the results.

The pattern comes from Lori Holt’s book “Vintage Christmas”.

The fabric collection that is predominant in the quilt is “Poinsettia and Pine” by Maywood Studios.

Sunnie Malesky adapted some of the block patterns from the book to make them more accessible to our group.

Pat D’Elia and Mindy Ashby donated fabrics.

Shirley Simmons donated the batting.

Pat and Mindy made up kits for the blocks.

Linda Wilson and Susan Sharpe distributed the blocks.

Ellen Cannon made the sashing strips.

Pat and Sherry Verell did the layout and sewed the quilt top together.

Pat added the borders.

Delia Bright did a beautiful job of custom quilting the quilt and gave the guild a discount for her services.

Mary Anne Dennis, the expert quilt binder, applied the binding .

Vicki Zoller designed and applied the label.

June Daniels affixed the sleeve.

Karol Blomgren , Jill Kelly and Ellen Cannon handled the raffle.


The following All Stars members made blocks:

Shirley Jones                                      Sharon Walser                          Ellen Ford

Linda Wilson                                       Barbara Nichols                        Toni Anweiler

Sherry Verell                                       Marsha Bookstaver                   Pris Roehm

Patsy Kern                                           C.J. Clark                                  Jill Kelly

Fran Flowers                                       Kathi Thompson                        Lynne McCrork

Donna Caldarise                                 Joanne Herman                        Cyndie Campbell

Susan Sharpe                                      Linda Marsh                             Pat D’Elia

Laura Rowe                                         Mindy Ashby                             Ellen Cannon

Carol Vonderheide                               Beverly Roux                            Judy Cwalina

Sondie Frus                                         Betty Ann Agnew                      Mary Anne Dennis

Trish Egbert                                         Adriane Elwood                        Sandra Kaye

Elaine Brett                                          Kathy Rutherford                      Pat Hemsley

Karol Blomgren                                    Donna Nicklis                           Sandy Onsager


Truly a group effort and a labor of love. The recipient holds a tangible piece of guild history. This quilt began when Pat D’Elia was the Ways and Means chair and was finished when Ellen Cannon held that position. It came about during the Covid 19 pandemic and took much longer than expected because of it. Please enjoy it and pass its story on.

Pat D’Elia

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