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Case For Smiles

Community Service will be supporting a new Charity.  Calling all members that would like a quick and easy project that will be rewarding.

                                     CASE FOR SMILES

Case for smiles was started in 2007 by a mother that began making pillowcases to decorate her son’s hospital room while he was battling cancer.  The colorful pillowcases put a smile on his face.   These whimsical pillowcases lightened his spirit during his cancer treatments.  Her son is no longer with her, but his legacy continues to live on.   These gifts of love proved comfort, a distraction and hope.   It helps children feel better and heal better.   There have been over 1 million pillowcases delivered and still counting.  This is a national organization with over 120 chapters.  


Community Service will be partnering with Sit ‘n Stitch for a workshop early in 2024.  Start collecting whimsical and colorful fabric.  If you would like to know more about our newest charity and their guidelines that need to be followed, here is their link.


What pattern can I use to sew pillowcases?

Hospitals use standard size pillowcases (20 x 26 inches)

Choice a bright and colorful fabric style:

Border: 1/3 yard of fabric ric cut into a strip 10 1/2inches by 40 1/2 inches 

Case: 3/4 yard: 26 1/2 inches by 40 1/2 inches



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